Using Immigration Agent

Its a very common confusion among all applicant whether they should use Canada immigration agent in the home country or from Canada.

First of all there two types of agent available I came across

  1. Immigration Agent: Normally these are an organization with big office and lot of worker in that. They sometime they claim they have immigration lawyer who has very strongĀ  link with Canada Immigration. They charge very high fees from applicants. Also applicant seldom knows details of the application how it placed and the regular status of their file.
  2. Immigration Consultant: Here only one individual who guide applicant to prepare their file, verify each document and keep applicant updated with the status of immigration intake. This consultant does very few things by themselves rather they guide applicant to prepare all documents. Most of the cases consultant share case account with the applicant and both of them get regular update of the immigration files. In this type consultant fee is less.

Now, I felt best option is not to use any of above options but submit application by yourself, only problem is this applicant need to understand full process and immigration file has to be error free and complete. Many people around me they applied themselves and did not face any issue at all. Cause all information are given to CIC web site.

If someone does not have enough time then better option is using a Consultant cause it cost is very low and very friendly. Also applicant gets full access to his application ID in CIC. For those who has very limited time, but can browse CIC web site they should use consultant. Here applicant gets regular update from consultant or he can keep check email.

Last option is those who has lot of money and does not have any time to invest their immigration process they can choose Immigration Agent. In this case agent must be a CIC approved agent. I have seen some people’s application were rejected due to using non listed agent.

So this is very important decision for immigration process. Its better discuss with your colleagues and friends who already immigrated. Prepare here step by step.