Choose and Book your Flight

Choosing the right flight sometime takes lot of time to spend and thinking.During Canada Immigration cheap flight sometime many immigrant prepare. Mostly we all try to match both cost and comfort because its around 21+ hours of journey comport is the key for selecting right flight.

Normally major facts we need to think sequentially

1. Convenience of travel
2. Luggage allowance
3. Cost

Best way to select flight is to discuss with friends and families who already experienced.

Most Popular Airline for flying Canada

Emirates, Costly and luxury, transit in Dubai you can stay night long in hotel with Airline provided, if you get VISA to enter Dubai from airport.
Turkish, They have most luggage allowance 60 kg. Transit in Turkey. Sometime they delay during transit.
Saudi Air Line, Cheap compare to other. Transit in Saudi and you can do Omra if plan from home. Service is fine and moderate.
Ethihad,  Costly but luxurious.

IOM is non profit organization they provide Air Ticket at lowest price for International Immigrant. As per my experience the best place to Buy air ticket for Immigrants.

Note: IOM does not cover all airline, they cover few of them only, you need to call and check with them. Also check in your city if IOM there that the best place to get ticket when you coming as New Immigrant.