Canada Immigration Landing Formalities Preparation

After you arrive in Canada, Canada Immigration Landing Formalities will be done by Immigration Department. Assuming you have all the documents with you. Normal procedure will be as sequences

  1. Officer will check your VISA stamp and direct you to Immigration department desk.
  2. Immigration officer will register your landing and they require documents like
    • Passport
    • COPR
    • Address in Canada, where your PR Card will be sent
    • Information of amount of Money you are bringing in for Settlement Funds.
    • Officer will also ask for your medical condition if any.
      It will take around 30 mins for whole process, they will stamp your passport and COPR with date. This stamp is important for future references.
  3.  Immigration Officer will forward you to Service Canada desk for SIN number.
  4. Now time to collect your luggage
  5. Proceed to Canada Boarder service, they will ask for your B4 form and Good details you are bringing in. Sometime they ask to as per B4 form.

Then welcome to Canada!


Documents you should bring

Travel Documents
2 copies of B4 form for personal or household items you’re bringing with you
2 copies B4 form for list of items that are arriving later and their money value

B4 Form

This B4 Form is needed for Border services officer to ensure what you are bringing and what you will bring later also value of that Good in Canadian Dollar. This form you need to fill up before you come for all your goods you are brining in.

You can download the form here.

It is also suggested you bring photograph of the Gold and Jewelry items you bringing. Office will be very pleased with that.

Health documentation
In Canada, your children need immunization or vaccination records to enrol in school.

You need to bring official documents that state vaccinations details you and your family have already had. If your vaccinations records not in English, you need to prepare one in English and certify that with some physician beofore you come.

You can refer this immunization record.

Other Documents as per CIC recommends
Marriage Certificates
Driver’s licence, including: an International Driver’s Permit
A reference from your auto insurance company
Adoption, separation or divorce papers
Birth Certificates
Employment Letters
Professional certificates and licences
Academic Certificates


You can refer more on CIC site.