Understand and Apply for PnPs

Canada Immigration PnPs are each Canadian provinces offer nomination to attract skilled immigrants to their provinces. Once you receive nomination you can apply for PR. PnPs ease your journey to PR in Canada. Each province their own eligibility requirements and nomination guidelines.

Types of PNPs

Non-Express Entry stream
Express Entry stream

Non-Express Entry stream
a. When provinces open PNP intake, you will have to apply through the paper-based application package.
b. If province nominates you, you will send PR application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Express Entry stream
a. You have Express Entry profile and meet the minimum criteria for Express Entry of express entry program
b. Meet the provinces requirements for PNP

How you proceed?

1. Check your eligibility for the PNP.

2. If you appear to be eligible for Express Entry then proceed with Express Entry stream. This is fastest and online based and your PNP application will be mapped to your Express Entry profile.

3. If you does not appear to be eligible for Express Entry then you need to wait and see when each province open their PNP and apply based on Non-Express Entry stream.

Living Obligation to PNP

Though its not a law but each province normally want you live that province for a period of 2 years. If you violate that you will have to give proper reason for leaving that province. Some accepted reason could be

1. Got a Job offer from other province
2. Unable to get a Job when living in nominated province
Whatever the reason that has to be well proven.