Shopping Guide for New Comers Canada

One of the interesting part is Canada Immigration Shopping guide when you preparing to travel to Canada as a new immigrant. There are many items you may think of bringing but lets discuss what really worth of bringing from back home.

Followings are the area I felt that are needed for your shopping list

Dental and Vision

Canada health benefit does not cover Dental and Vision. And both are very costly in Canada. So its obvious you do all check up for dental need make sure you are good for at least 1 year after you come to Canada. Same as vision bring your glass with 1 / 2 extra so that you don’t face to buy again here.

Once you have a Job, your employer likely to cover dental and vision insurance. However, that also not free.


Winter Clothing

Buying winter clothing before coming to Canada all immigrants first priority as a result its often people buy lot cloths which really not needed and forget to buy what really needed.

So first point here i would like to say dont bring too much bring as much you need.  Following are the item you can choose to bring from home. This is applicable for both Men Women and Kids

Lot of Socks
Jeans Shirt
Light Winter Jacket (Spring weather as well)
Lather Jacket (Spring weather as well)
Winter Hat

Don’t Bring: (These items you need to buy from Canada market as per your need, back home quality wont match with Canada weather)
Winter Boot
Heavy Winter Jacket


General Clothing

Apart from Winter and Spring clothing rest depends on your fashion. You can bring as much you need based on your test. Based on my experience

Formal, Casual, Jeans Pants
Some three quarter and Shorts
Formal Shirts
Suits and Ties
Running, Casual and Formal shoes

For Womens it is costly to buy home fashion dresses, so you can bring enough for your needs like
Selwar Kameez
Other Dresses like Jeans and Fatuas as per choice and habit.

Same as Mens and Womens as per their needs.


For Kitchen

There is not much you should bring from back home cause Canada market has got plenty of Options for you and event much better than home country. However you bring something for your early days like some Plates, Glasses, Tea Cups etc. Not much!

One thing I felt is fry pane is very costly here when it comes to quality. You can bring some high quality fry pane from back home which is really worth to save money here.



Only Mobile Devices and Laptop you can bring. Other Electronics you can ignore to bring. Remember North america power cords are of 2 Pins and 120V unlike 3 Pins and 220V~250V in asian countries. So make sure you bring some adapter from back home.

When you bring Mobile phone please check supported frequency band in Canada and the mobile you bring.



There are miscellaneous items you can bring to save money here, but make sure you bring good quality items so that it last longer.

Womens purse
Leather Purse
Kids School Backpack
Leather Shoes
Wireless Mouse
Leather Belts