Drivers License Canada

Drivers License Canada has three grades to be achieved. Based on your grade you have certain restrictions. You need to prepare few things before you land to Canada to manage maximum benefits.

Lets know the grades of Class G (Car, Van etc)

This grade is awarded when you pass written exam. This is mandatory exam you have to pass this to move next level. Steps are

  1. Prepare from online resources for written test.
  2. Visit to Service Ontario office near to you with your passport, back home driver license and any documents also PR card if available.
  3. They will check you vision and register you for written exam.
  4. Exam held for 1 hour for 40 question which has 20 rule and 20 sign question.

This grade is awarded when you pass basic road test, test does not cover highway driving

  1. If you do not have previous driving experience you have or experience is less than 1 year you will have to wait for 1 year after you pass G1.
  2. Get the training and prepare road test
  3. Normally trainer explains all the techniques required to pass G2 and when to register for exam.

This grade awarded when you pass professional road test including highway driving. This final level of Canada driving license.

  • After you pass G2 you need to wait for 1 year to give G road test unless you have 3 years back home driving experiences.
  • After you pass G2 you have to complete G with 5 years of you G2 license otherwise you have to renew G2 again with G2 exam.

Before you land to Canada it’s recommended you bring a certified letter from your home country’s Transport Authority which reflects age of your back home driving license.  If your license is 2+ years old Service Canada will allow you to go for directly G test and G2 test will be waived for you. But in this case if you fail you will have to take G2 test again.

Learn more about Exchange License Program

The best content for knowing all rules and regulation of driver’s license is to refer Ontario Driver’s License Handbook.


PS: Here I am referring Ontario’s rules and regulations. Different provinces has different rules and systems but nearly same.

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