Housing System in Canada

Housing System Canada has lot of varieties. Its better you understand before you rent one to live. There are many fact related to each housing types that are available. This write up is mainly focusing on living on a property  not for buying though.

You need be aware of few facts before we talk about different types of properties for renting

Basement Living

Some house basement with separate entrance, many people opt rent this kind because its cheaper than other types of housed. However, if you kids its better to avoid. If you are a bachelor only it is okay to live there.

Renting a Property

While a renting a property you need to understand what type of property you are renting. Also norm of renting laws you can find more about Canada laws of renting house here. To rent a house normally house owner or property company requires your

Canada Govt ID or Passport photo copy
Income status
Credit History
For new comer 6 months of rent in advanced and a guarantor
Need to sign the agreement.

Learn more about Canada Right of Tenants

Condition of the property you about to live?

In North America specially in busy cities condition of property always a big concerns. Bed Bug and Cockroaches are buzz word you have to be very careful. You need to check the status of the property for these. Check the bed bug report of the property or discuss with friends and families.


Lets see the types of Houses in Canada

Rental Apartment
Condominiums Apartment
Condominiums Townhouse
Freehold Townhouse
Semi-detached House
Detached House

Rental Apartment

Condo Apartment
Condo Apartment

It is owned by property company and for renting only. Typically large building having 20-30 floors. Many families live in same building. The possibly the best option for New Comers to start living for initial days in Canada. Most apartments have one, two or three bedrooms.

As of 2017 rent seems as follows, however rent depends on location and facilities
1 Bed – 1200~1400 CAD
2 Bed – 1500~1700 CAD
3 Bed – 1700~2000 CAD

Condominiums Apartment

These are also big building with 20-30 floors living many families on the same building. Only difference if Condo apartments are owned by individuals who bought it from Property company.

Town HouseThere are  Condo Fees to maintain indoor and outdoor common areas shared by the condo owners, including parking areas, elevators, carpets, front entrances, and any recreation facilities.

Rent are little higher than Rental apartments because these are well maintained.

Condominiums and Freehold Townhouse

Town House Canada
Town House

A townhouse is a unit in a row of other units that look like houses, attached to each other. It share a wall on either side with the people who live beside. Often, especially in cities, there may also be a smaller unit above each townhouse, so there could also be someone living above you or below you. Townhouses are usually 2 or 3 levels tall.

Condo townhouses has Condo Fees where as Freehold does not have Condo Fees maintained by owner or tenant.


Semi-detached House

Semi-detached House Canada
Semi-detached House

One house with two unit in it. Owners responsible for the care and maintenance of their own side, just like a detached house. Owners of semi-detached homes own their side of the property, including the land it is on, and are responsible for its care and maintenance.

If you renting this kind of house you will have maintain as per local govt law.

Detached House

Detach House Canada
Detach House

One house with it own land. Owner own both the house and the land it is on. Owner does the maintenance, pay for it.House owners must also pay the monthly bills for water and heat, as well as their other bills . Detached houses generally provide more space and privacy than other unit types.

More information on houses can be found in www.cmhc.ca

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