Understand Job Market Canada

Job market Canada widely open to many types and flexible enough. Canada is cold country hence Job market slows down during winter and opens up during summer. Also each company has there own budget cycle based on that also Job market booms or falls. As per my study companies budget and job life cycle as follows

January  : Start with previous year plan.
FebruaryMarch : Assess yearly budget and plan for hiring.
AprilSeptember : Hiring starts and continues.
OctoberDecember : Winter starts, start of next year plan, Christmas holidays etc. Market goes slow for Job market and

In Canada there are different types of Job as all modern countries normally has

1. Full-time Permanent Jobs
2. Contract Jobs
3. Hourly Jobs
4. Internship Jobs
5. Volunteer Jobs

1. Full-time Permanent Jobs

Full-time Job in Canada makes a settle Job for you, company has all your responsibilities what ever covered by Canadian Law. Normally full time Job does not offered by many companies immediately. Selection procedure also takes place with tough interview cycle in major companies.

In this type Job you pay high tax as per provincial and federal govt. Your payroll deducts with Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan and if you taken any extra health benefit on top of Canada govt health plan.

2. Contract Jobs

This Job also for Skilled category immigrants, normally this kind of Job starts with 6 Months contract with 30- 40 hrs per week. Its a nice option for newly landed immigrants, this kind of Jobs normally follows to Permanent Position on the eve of ending contract period based on performance.

Contract Jobs often require Corporation. Learn more about how to do own corporation. Opening a Corporation is same like opening a small business company in Canada. I personally love this Job though both Permanent and Contract job has pros and cons.

3. Hourly Jobs

Also known as survival job to many Immigrants. This kind of Jobs pays based on hourly assignment with minimum wage of the province. Hourly assignment is offered by the store manager

Hourly Jobs offered by Super stores, Coffee shops or any personally owned Shops.

4. Internship Jobs

Internship Jobs are something many of the companies and bank offer to fresh graduate and new immigrants. Pay is little less but it gives an opportunity to start a job and gather Canadian experience. It also open a door for a permanent position.

Internship job can be applied through 3rd parties or directly to companies web sites. Often these positions are for a period of 6 months contracts. Learn More on Internship Jobs here.

5. Volunteer Jobs

Many new immigrant does this. This kind of Job people does for gathering Canadian experiences, this open many opportunities in the future. For integrating to Canadian society also this kind of Non-paid jobs helps a lot.

Volunteer Job offered by Schools, NGOs, Access Points etc.