Your Welcome Canada Checklist

After you come to Canada, Welcome Canada Checklist is something basic to dos that you need to complete.

– Social Insurance Number (SIN), normally done in Air Port after you landed.
– Open a Bank Account, Bank statements are required for your address verification sometime.
– Get Internet Connection, discuss with friends and families to get best deal.
– Apply Health Card.
– Find a Community Health Centre near by your location, this is needed until your health card arrive.
– Apply your Driver License.
– Apply for Child Benefits.
– Apply For Child Care, you need to apply soon this has normally long waiting period.
– Apply for Electricity Benefits.

– Find a settlement worker, they will help to connect with different social programs like Furniture Banks etc.
– Find Employment Resource Centres like Access Points.
– Connect with Facebook groups of you community, there you get lot of Informations and help.

– Locate public library close to you and register to get Library Card.
– Register your children to school, understand Education System.

– Find English classes for you and your family
– Understand Canada Chain shops few are like

Grocery – Walmart (Super Store), Food Basics, Metro, Fresco, Loblaws, Lawes, Shopper Dragmart
Kids – Babies R Us, Toys Y Us, Carter, Oshkosh
Electronics – Best Buy, Canadian Tier, Amazon Canada, eBay Canada, Staples
Cloths and Shoes including winter- Walmart, Sears, Hudson Bay, Eddie Bear, Columbia

– Meet and Greet people of your profession, attend Job fairs.

For all these you will need valid Photo ID until you have state ID or Driver License

– Passport

PS: Some links I shared are based on Ontario, different province will have different links.