Benefits of Immigrating to Canada

List of Canada Immigrants Benefits is long. Canada has got a lot of benefits to offer to its immigrants and citizens, Canada one of the best country which offer its people to live easy and sounds.

So per as my experiences Canada Immigrants Benefits are

Life Style

Balance life, their is no Traffic Jam as we have in back home almost every where. Big cities have minor traffic but not something to report. Very low crime rate, here peoples goods remain in the street normally nobody touches.

Fresh air no dust on the air, i like this very much. Everywhere streets are clean.


Up to 12th grade education is free, unless you prefer private school. Learn Canada Education System here.
University Education is financed and subsidized by both the federal and the various provincial governments.You can get govt grant as well.
RESP plan for Kids, in this plan if you save govt add 20% to that saving for your kid’s education.

Health Care

Canada provide free medical for its people
Subsidy on medication for low income people up to 98%.
Subsidy on nursing for old personals.

General Benefits

Child benefits, which is up to 700+CAD for each kid for low income family.
Subsidized house for low income family.
Unemployment insurance if you lose your job.
Social security benefit for people cant work or disable.
Basic Pension plan for each and every individual.


Well, there are more, you need to do your own research and find out more. Learn more  about Canada benefits here