Prepare Family and Other Documents

Canada Immigration Family Documents will be needed when you submit your application. You will  also need all your first blood family member information. These document will be also referred by CIC when you sponsor any of this family member. So please ensure you gather all family members information and documents. This also one of the time consuming part of your preparation to Canada.

This will be handy if you have all this information ready.

1. Passport of all family members.
2. Birth Certificate of all family members.
3. Nika Nama and Marriage Certificate.
4. NIDs of all family members.
5. Tax return certificates for all years you submitted.
6. Membership certificate if any, example BASSIS membership, Engineering Institute membership etc.

Following information also you will need during your application

1. Date of Birth of your first blood family members and their family members.
2. Your entire travel and residence history last 10 years.
3. Birth Certificates of your first blood family members.