Canada Immigration Points System

Canada Immigration Points System is one of the selection process to evaluate eligibility of an applicant. There is always a minimum point required to qualify for an intake. Point system for Federal that is Express Entry and Provincial that is PNPs are different. PNPs score calculator is designed by each state which is offering PNPs.

Major areas are considered for point calculations are

English and/or French skills

Based on your IELTS or French language exam score. Exam scores are matched with CLB (Canadian Language Benchmarks)


If degree is earned in other than Canada that you need to do ECA.


Points are taken into based on full time work experience for a given NOC.


Age counted from the CIC receive your application.

Arranged employment in Canada

You get this point if you have a full-time job offer of at least for one year contract from a Canadian employer. Also if you already working for a Canadian company in Canada full-time.


This score you get for your Wife’s Language score, First Blood in Canada, You studied in Canada etc.

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