Understand Risk of Migrating to Canada

Well many people thinks that Immigrating to Canada is a dream. But really always not that, there is up and down every where. You need to know significance risk as well. There are number of risk immigrating Canada, few as my experiences are

1. Winter is Cold here

Canada is a country of Cold and too Cold! During winter temperature goes down till -40 degree Celsius with lot of wind. Some people like me enjoy winter a lot for pearl like snows, some people other hand does not like winter for too cold.
Now, its your choice to come to Canada despite very cold. Remember all the places in Canada are not very cold. Some cities like Toronto, Vancouver are not really that cold. In Toronto summer stays for almost 5 months every year, which great!

2. Getting Job sometime difficult

This the biggest challenge many immigrants face and very well known to all is getting Jobs in their stream. Many of companies looks for Canadian experience what many of new immigrant does not have. Also language competency also sometime does meet the exception of hiring manager. Hence getting preferred job takes a while and preparation. Till you get your stream job you would need to go for survival jobs.

Canada is also known as Debt country, that means everything here bought via bank loan and too many bank crafty put the country to recession. Here getting job is difficult but losing job is very easy in a day. So today you may be hot officer tomorrow can be laid off!

However, there are many example new immigrant got job just after they landed. Prepare for Job in Canada here.

3. Racism is reported sometime

Canada is Land of Immigrants. Among many other countries its often said that Canada has very less racism problem for Immigrants. I personally also feel that Canada has no racism problem as compare to other countries where immigrants moves. I have never seen any incidence on my eye. And in Canada its a law to respect each others race.

However, its worth of counting as a risk that you may face racism directly or indirectly. Some minor incidence still been reported different places in Canada.

4. Religious Life and Future Generation would be in risk

Since Canada is not a Muslim country, if you are a Muslim your Islamic activities may be impacted as compare to your home country. Its obvious you will not be able to find Masjids every where. Your work place may not allow you to go for Jumma on Friday during work hours if you do hourly job.

When your kids grows up they will not be grown up in your religious environment unless you take them to Private school, sometime affording a Private school in Canada is not that easy. Its very easy in Canada your kids will be gone to a wrong path if you miss them guide properly on top of that you are not allowed to control your kid as you do in back home.

Hence Future generation of yours will be in risk of losing your ancestor religion.

But, to be honest this a challenge and you have to take a serious measure for it that does not mean it cant be over come with a proper plan. Learn about Islamic Schools in Toronto if you plan to live in Ontario.

5. Family Life sucks some time

Well you may be leading a luxurious life in back home, that may not be same in Canada. Here all is yours, you don’t have a maid to wash your dish and cloths. You clean your own house, take care your kids.  Sometime many people gets exhausted to it. Govt subsidized day care also has long waiting time.

6. Cultural Shocks

This many immigrant faces, dream something reality comes up something else. Its often reported that your relative may not be very helpful for you as you expected and so on. Some people may not even share their number to you . This is because every body is very busy with their own jobs and schedule. However, this also vary with and situation. You have to count on it as well


Well, I myself immigrated here all these I shared are challenges but not stoppers, a proper plan and confident with a dare to face these may boost you what you really need to do.  But you need to assess this challenges for sure.