Interview Process in Canada

Interview in Canada is similar to any other interview held anywhere. Since here along with companies there are many recruiting agencies and consulting firms. Interview Process Canada also depends on who is conducting the interview.

Lets understand parties involved in Job openings. You need to understand how many parties involved in your Job you are going forward.

  1. Recruitment Agencies , These agencies collect Resume from online Job portals and start contacting with candidates, upon suitable for a position they forward candidates to their clients. Their client could be Consulting Companies or End Client Companies.
  2. Consulting Companies, These are service oriented companies, they interview candidates, hire them and then place the candidates to the End Client companies location.
  3. The Companies also known as End Client, This is the company who fund the position, they hire people for full-time or they get someone from Consulting Companies for a period of time also known as Contractors. They hire contractor from either Consulting Companies or Recruitment Agencies.

Interview process for a End Client company would go like this

  1. Telephonic Non Technical, HR calls up and try to understand what candidate worked on, skill and expectations etc.
  2. Telephonic Technical, hiring in charge calls and have a level oneĀ  technical interview, if they like the candidate they call for in person interview
  3. In person Technical, mainly happen with development manager or senior person of the company who interview mostly on technical areas. during in person interview you clean resume also needed so that impression is on high. CheckĀ prepare resume for Canada
  4. Discussion with hiring Manager, this also important part of the interview manager check attitude, soft skills etc.

In case of Recruitment agencies or Consulting Companies they do their interview first and then when candidate sent them to End Client Company, End Client Company ask for their round of interviews as per need.

For IT professionals major companies also make online a programming test which is normal trends now days. But all software companies does not do this also depends on position, Senior or Lead positions some time companies does not ask for online programming test.