Prepare Clean Professional Resume

Prepare Resume for Canada Job market puts you to one step ahead to the Job market. Creating a professional resume for North American country means a lot for recruiters. If hiring manager is very picky on resume style, your wrong resume would be filtered in the initial stage of the Job process.

There are many professional organization they help to create professional resume. Normally in Canada resume does not need to be very professional rather it need to be short clean and focused on the job requirements.

There is significance difference between CV and Resume, we will talk more Resume here cause Canadian look for Resume not CV.

Key Factors for Resumes

1. Resume need to be maximum 2 pages. A cover letter can be added top of Resume.

2. Full address of the person not at all needed. Your address your privacy, employer does not need that. They only need city or area you live. Having full address means that you dont know how to secure your personal information so as Company.

3. Objective in the resume is needed and must be very clear specific. Unclear objectives in the resume or copied from others also makes bad impression.

4. Have career summary section on the first page so that its easy get intro rather checking whole resume.

5. After this Academic and Employment Details should come.

As my understanding a typical better Resume for Canada should have following section in sequences. Before creating or updating your resume for Canada also make sure you read Understand Job market in Canada.

Career Summary
Technical Skills / Skills
Professional Experiences
Academic Qualifications
Professional Certifications

In case you need a sample please send me a message  I will share mine to refer.