Learn Work Culture in Canada

Work culture Canada is mostly formal, people here enjoy to be with in own-self. People in workplace talk less, they prefer to come on time and leave work place on time.

Its very important for new Immigrants to know work culture in Canada. For quick integration to new office in Canada, practicing right work culture may help you to grow.

Canada is a multi cultural country, that means people from around the world immigrated here so work culture also got lot of diversity. As per my understanding below are key areas that Canada work culture stands with.

Key Work Cultures Canada to be practiced

– Greeting whom ever you meet is very common here.
– Any sort of business conversation among co-workers happens with scheduled appointment.
– Its best to call some with last name with Mr/Ms or just with First name when well known.
– Email communication also very formal here with positive approach. Everybody prefer short specific email.
– ASAP word I have not seen yet in my work place.
– Everybody like to work here with self ownership.
– Everything should be well communicated with your line manager about your situation.

There could be different approach in different work place like Coffee Shop, Corporate offices. However being positive with key work culture practices in Canada is safe.