Prepare to Obtain Canadian Degree

For new immigrant Canadian Degree sometime add so much value to Job market. It also ease to get job in your profession. Many new immigrant prefer obtaining Canadian degree instead of waiting and losing some valuable time.

Its better you do research before you come to Canada whether you need or not. Many people first try for job if they don’t get suitable job then they go for Canadian Degree.

Advantage of New Immigrant Canadian Degree

  1. For low income family Canadian govt. provide grant and study loan.
  2. Govt. also pay you for your family while you study.
  3. You get Canadian degree and co-op opportunity during your study

Preparation you need

  1. Make sure you take Academic IELTS, before you land to Canada.
  2. Select a University / College and course you are interested in. You can go for MS or PG Diploma as per your need.
  3. Apply before you land to Canada.

Apply for Govt. Grant and Study Loan

If you are planning to live in Ontario, then you need to apply for Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) which is very famous and life saving program for new Immigrants to Canada.

Learn more about OSAP and Apply when you need.