Understand Job Market Canada

Job market Canada widely open to many types and flexible enough. Canada is cold country hence Job market slows down during winter and opens up during summer. Also each company has there own budget cycle based on that also Job market booms or falls. As per my study companies budget and job life cycle as follows

January  : Start with previous year plan.
FebruaryMarch : Assess yearly budget and plan for hiring.
AprilSeptember : Hiring starts and continues.
OctoberDecember : Winter starts, start of next year plan, Christmas holidays etc. Market goes slow for Job market and

In Canada there are different types of Job as all modern countries normally has

1. Full-time Permanent Jobs
2. Contract Jobs
3. Hourly Jobs
4. Internship Jobs
5. Volunteer Jobs

1. Full-time Permanent Jobs

Full-time Job in Canada makes a settle Job for you, company has all your responsibilities what ever covered by Canadian Law. Normally full time Job does not offered by many companies immediately. Selection procedure also takes place with tough interview cycle in major companies.

In this type Job you pay high tax as per provincial and federal govt. Your payroll deducts with Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan and if you taken any extra health benefit on top of Canada govt health plan.

2. Contract Jobs

This Job also for Skilled category immigrants, normally this kind of Job starts with 6 Months contract with 30- 40 hrs per week. Its a nice option for newly landed immigrants, this kind of Jobs normally follows to Permanent Position on the eve of ending contract period based on performance.

Contract Jobs often require Corporation. Learn more about how to do own corporation. Opening a Corporation is same like opening a small business company in Canada. I personally love this Job though both Permanent and Contract job has pros and cons.

3. Hourly Jobs

Also known as survival job to many Immigrants. This kind of Jobs pays based on hourly assignment with minimum wage of the province. Hourly assignment is offered by the store manager

Hourly Jobs offered by Super stores, Coffee shops or any personally owned Shops.

4. Internship Jobs

Internship Jobs are something many of the companies and bank offer to fresh graduate and new immigrants. Pay is little less but it gives an opportunity to start a job and gather Canadian experience. It also open a door for a permanent position.

Internship job can be applied through 3rd parties or directly to companies web sites. Often these positions are for a period of 6 months contracts. Learn More on Internship Jobs here.

5. Volunteer Jobs

Many new immigrant does this. This kind of Job people does for gathering Canadian experiences, this open many opportunities in the future. For integrating to Canadian society also this kind of Non-paid jobs helps a lot.

Volunteer Job offered by Schools, NGOs, Access Points etc.

Preparing Settlement Funds

Settlement fund Canada is needed for Skilled Category Applicants. Canadian Govt. require you have enough fund ready to live for first 8-10 month of arrival.

Getting ready your fund:

1. Keep required fund in yours or spouse’s personal account.
2. Fund need to be at-least 3 months old before you apply.
3. Current Account, Saving Account, Bond, Saving Fund under your or spouse name will work.
4. Fund must not move out once you apply until your immigration files completes.

How much Canadian Dollar you should have as fund? Calculate here.

You can Learn more about Immigration Preparation Canada

Software Developer Jobs Canada

Canada is investing a lot for IT infrastructure and automation since 2014 as a result demand of software developer job Canada has been increased last 2-3 years. Hence Software Developer Jobs Canada is booming.

Also Canada is taking an advantage of US companies moving to Canadian cities having IT hub here due low cost as compare to US. Companies like IBM, Google and Amazon already setup their biggest North American Hub. Average salary for full time software engineers are 70K – 75K for 3-5 years experience software developers.

Company mainly looking for core technology knowledge and problem solving basics. Interview process vary company to company. Software Engineers Jobs also heavily depends on city you live in Canada. Most of the major cities for software developers are pretty good however some cities are exceptionally good for software developers. Major cities for software guys are

  1. Vancouver
  2. Toronto
  3. Ottawa
  4. Waterloo
  5. Calgary
  6. Montreal
  7. Nova Scotia

Now a days small cities also booming for lot if IT software developer jobs.  Learn More on Canada cities.

Provinces of Canada for PnPs

Express Entry and Provincial Nomination works in their own way. Provinces Canada PnP are offered by specific provinces and detail eligibility criteria also set by that province.

You need to understand and choose your province based on your situation. Different Provinces that are offering PnPs are as below, please visit each of their website to understand their PnP intake and eligibility to apply.

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

Deciding which province to apply that is also little tricky, some time you may need to be eligible for the province you like, sometime you don’t want to be in that province. Here is also trade offs as well, the more demanding the province the more competition as well.

To me I felt most demanding provinces in these days are sequentially

British Columbia  – Most expensive and beautiful province in Canada, best of IT Jobs.
Ontario  – Best place for Banking and South Asian people, famous for Toronto
Alberta  – Oil and Gas companies are more here, housing is more affordable.
Nova Scotia  – Most beautiful province also booming for IT industries
Quebec  – Good to live but French is the main language.
New Brunswick  – Most booming province for IT industry and beautiful

Please do you research on all provinces of Canada to have better idea also learn more about Canada.


Using Immigration Agent

Its a very common confusion among all applicant whether they should use Canada immigration agent in the home country or from Canada.

First of all there two types of agent available I came across

  1. Immigration Agent: Normally these are an organization with big office and lot of worker in that. They sometime they claim they have immigration lawyer who has very strong  link with Canada Immigration. They charge very high fees from applicants. Also applicant seldom knows details of the application how it placed and the regular status of their file.
  2. Immigration Consultant: Here only one individual who guide applicant to prepare their file, verify each document and keep applicant updated with the status of immigration intake. This consultant does very few things by themselves rather they guide applicant to prepare all documents. Most of the cases consultant share case account with the applicant and both of them get regular update of the immigration files. In this type consultant fee is less.

Now, I felt best option is not to use any of above options but submit application by yourself, only problem is this applicant need to understand full process and immigration file has to be error free and complete. Many people around me they applied themselves and did not face any issue at all. Cause all information are given to CIC web site.

If someone does not have enough time then better option is using a Consultant cause it cost is very low and very friendly. Also applicant gets full access to his application ID in CIC. For those who has very limited time, but can browse CIC web site they should use consultant. Here applicant gets regular update from consultant or he can keep check email.

Last option is those who has lot of money and does not have any time to invest their immigration process they can choose Immigration Agent. In this case agent must be a CIC approved agent. I have seen some people’s application were rejected due to using non listed agent.

So this is very important decision for immigration process. Its better discuss with your colleagues and friends who already immigrated. Prepare here step by step.

Learn Canada Life

Immigrating to Canada is not just a decision and come over to Canada, you need to learn Canada life. As per my experiences some one need to understand following areas of Canada and then start proceeding.

1. Social Life
2. Weather in Canada
3. Geography
4. Various Provinces and Cities
5. Education System from KG to University
4. Health System
5. Housing System
6. Job Market
7. Job Culture
9. Economy
10. Industries

Knowing all these would give clear view of Canada and it lead to a good decision to immigrate here.

I will try to cover all these areas in this site day by day to give a clear picture of Canada. Start preparing here to Immigrate.