Settling in Canada

Another challenge for New Immigrant Settle Canada,  there are lot to learn first year of your stay in Canada. For new comers Canada Settle down requires lot of information. One of the trusted source of information is your friend and family members. Still there are many things you may need to look around. Finding right information a challenge.  You will also confuse due many people many information.

As per my experience you will need to do following as a part of your settlement

Before you Land

Learn Canadian Cities and choose for Landing
Understand Housing in Canada and Rent to Live.

Immediately after Landing

Open Bank Account.
Driver License.
Register for Welcome Canada package.
Apply Community Furniture Bank.

Do one by one

Health card.
Child Benefits.
Schools for Kids.
Learn Canada’s Supply Chains and Groceries
Register to Public Libraries.
Day care service.
General Govt. Benefits.

All these may not be easy by yourself then it time to

Find your community immigration worker.

Well, after you come this far then you need a break and time to explore Canada

Travel around the city and Canada.

There will be many other things as you live in Canada, by that time you know everything.