Renting Car Toronto

Renting Car Toronto is very popular due to high instance premium. Many people do renting cars instead of buying a car immediately in the major cities in Canada. This is because having a car is costly in busy cities in Canada due to high insurance premium. Average insurance cost for new drivers in Toronto is CA $270 – $300. For those does not have use of car everyday they normally rent it this cost CAD $40-$60 during winter and CAD $50-$100 during summer .

Following are popular car rental companies in Toronto or most of the Cities.

There are also membership for those you need to register to their web sites as a member and then use their cars

The standard process is

1. Book you car 1-2 weeks in advanced.
2. Call them when you are sure and confirm them the booking.
3. Pick the car on booking day, they will explain their policy you need to comply.

Thats it! Sometime renting is risky if you don’t take insurance and car get any damages. Most of the credit card here covers car insurance, you may also check your credit card for car insurance. Lean more about Canada.

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