Starting your Canada Immigration

Learn to prepare Starting Canada Immigration steps, these step by step process will help you to achieve a successful application. Each steps are important to understand and need to be proceeded in a professional manner. Please check and go through each steps

In my opinion first step gather a clear idea of types Immigration options and then prepare all required documents.

During preparation make sure you aware of all fees, check relevant fees

As of today permanent Residence application cost would be like this

— Personal Cost
Academic Credential Check (WES): Appx. CAD 300

— CIC Govt Fees
Processing Fee : CAD 550
Right of permanent residence fee: CAD 490

Processing Fee: CAD 150

Steps to Prepare Canada Immigration

  1. Understand risk of Migrating to Canada.
  2. Know the benefits of Immigrants.
  3. Learn Immigration Categories and Choose right one you fit.
  4. Understand Points System.
  5. Get IELTs score and understand CLBs.
  6. Complete Academic Credential Assessment ECA.
  7. Prepare Settlement Funds.
  8. Gather Academic Documents.
  9. Prepare Employment Documents.
  10. Prepare Family and Other Documents.
  11. Get ready with your Police Clearance Certificate.

Once these all preparation done you are ready to apply the category you planning for.

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